48 Hour Film Project San Diego

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On July 12-14, 2013, several of the cast and crew for Carving a Life Feature Film, worked together sleep deprived, creating a Steampunk Horror Film for the 48 Hour Film Project in San Diego.

It was a long weekend for sure! There were some incredibly creative costumes thrown together at the last minute on Friday night while the writing crew was busy putting together the story and script. At 4am the Director of Photography was busy creating storyboard and reviewing shot lists, and at 7 am the actors arrived (all 14 of them!). Our cast and crew totaled 31 for the weekend – that’s a lot of creative brain power on turbo charge! We wrapped at 4am and turned the project over to the editing team.

Filmed on a beautiful 55 acre thoroughbred horse ranch in Descanso, just East of San Diego – Conundrum Creek Ranch

Photos and trailer of the 48 hour film shoot for RIP, Directed by Terry Ross.

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