Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign – a success!

By Posted in - Feature Films & General News on October 9th, 2013 0 Comments A screenshot from the Kickstarter campaign when it finished and $48,126 USD was raised to fund the film project

On Friday Oct 4 at 9pm the Carving a Life project on Kickstarter ended – as a success!

Thanks to all the awesome backers of the project we have the funds needed to produce this feature film – CARVING A LIFE.

All backers will get access to a PRIVATE behind the scenes production blog here on our website and various other rewards based on the level of support they picked.

If you missed out and want to join the backers group – you can still do so using the paypal choices on this site – click on the link from the front page.

We start production and filming on October 29!

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