One Day in San Diego : One Day on Earth

By Posted in - Documentaries & General News on April 28th, 2014 1 Comments A black and white photo of girl sitting on a bench looking out at a boat in the bay of San Diego next to the USS Midway during the filming of Sustain San Diego short documentary film

Life in Reels Productions participated in the One Day in San Diego project. We called our team San Diego Sustain, as the documentary we are creating from this video footage capture in a 24 hour period of April 26, will be focused on Sustainability for San Diego’s future. Team Members include Producer Lisa Bruhn, Director of Photography and Editor Ian Matthews, Associate Producer Andrew Waltz, Production Assistant Jakub Pritz, Assistant Camera, Camera B, and Sound David Santillian.

Filmmakers all across San Diego were out capturing the best of San Diego and the challenges we face in the future on film. One Day in San Diego is part of an overall project One Day on Earth where 11 cities across the USA participated on the event on the same day. Everyone will upload the footage captured to be considered in an overall documentary.

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