Carving a Life

“Carving A Life” gives us a vivid insight into the undaunting world of love, marriage, and second chances. The story follows the life of Mitch, a 25-year-old wood carving artist, who falls for Lauren, an elementary school teacher. Their newlywed bliss takes a quick downward turn when Lauren discovers she’s pregnant and Mitch struggles with haunting memories, addiction, and health issues.

The story was inspired by life events in the director and writer’s lives. It seems that everyone either has a drinking problem or knows someone who struggles with alcohol or drug abuse. This compelling story is fictional but brings to light the family struggles and challenges people face when they love someone with an addiction problem.

We filmed most of “Carving A Life” throughout San Diego County with over 90 people in our cast and crew including Director and Acting Mentor Terry Ross, and actors: Navid Negahban from Showtime’s “Homeland,” Tiffany Espensen, Tyler Bruhn, Karenssa LaGear, Sandi Todorovic, Aaron Bornstein, Lisa Winans, Jay Jee, Marla Bingham, Mark Benjamin, Hans Hernke, Lindsay Kaye Sainato, Kathleen Holt, Max Boroudi, Frank Papia, Laura Bohlin, Sam Pfoser, and so many others. The crew included San Diego’s talented filmmakers including Oscar Valasquez, Gabe Pan, Peter Flynn, Jackie Bainto, Anthony Neustadt, Evette and Cassandra Betancourt with Gemini Pictures, Hans Marrero, Sandi Orsmond-Holmes, PT, Travis Eden, John Freeman, Pat Brymer puppet creator, Faelynn Paterson with Fageination Studios, Kathy Swain of Ocatillo Pictures, Grace, Kat, Paloma, Aileen, Melinda, and so many more. The experience made us a “film family” with a bond that will carry over into other projects.

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  • Life In Reels Productions
  • 3rd September 2014
  • Feature Films
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